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About Me

My doula journey began in 2016 during my time working in Sacramento State’s Health and Wellness Program. It was there that I taught reproductive health and maintaining healthy relationships with the college campus and surrounding community. From creating workshops and teaching classes on reproductive health to going to conferences and doing community outreach to talk about reproductive services. 

In 2019 I graduated from Sacramento State and my Bachelor of Science in Family Studies & Human Development, along with my certification as a Family Life Educator. From there I went on to start and complete my  DONA training to prepare for being a doula and I haven’t stopped since!

Coming from an all-Latinx background I have heard the stories from family and long time family friends of what they went through during their birth journeys. About the mistreatment or disbelief of symptoms, they received from medical teams. My goal is to be a part of the solution, to create a community of support where anyone regardless of economic status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion is able to thrive and feel confident during their birth.